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      For the first time, now that his wife so lavishly applauded his action, Keeling began to be not so satisfied with it. The fact that it commended itself to her type of mind, was an argument against it: her praise disgusted him: it was at least as impertinent as Norahs disapprobation.Mrs Goodford ate a slice of hot beef in dead silence, with a circular mill-like motion of her chin. It disappeared before her daughter had time to begin eating on her own account, which gave her an opportunity for another attempt to thaw the glacial silence that presided over the nice family party.

      "A magnificent old face," said a middle-aged woman with red hair"the lining of it reminds me of those interesting Italian peasants one meetsthey wrinkle more beautifully than a young girl keeps her bloom. I should like to paint him.""Fourthly.That all lands should be rented at fourpence an acre."

      "I want a parson," he moaned, throwing himself about the bed, and his terrors seemed to grow upon him as the darkness grew.

      I am going to take my work away again, sir, as you do not care to pay the price I ask for it, she said.

      "Monk!I have read my lord abbot's letter, and it would seem that he ought to have known better than interfere in such a matter. My child has been poisonedthe evidence is clear and convincingwhy, therefore, does he make such a demand?"

      "I suppose I must, for there is no helping it now; and by my faith, it is well you did not let me see that pretty face before you were wedded,but take back the merchet," he continued, waving back with his hand, the money which Holgrave was presenting. "Keep it. An orphan bride seldom comes rich; and here is a trifle to add to it, as a token that De Boteler prizes beautyeven though it be that of a bondwoman!" As he spoke, he held a broad piece of gold towards Holgrave.

      "On the great Moor of the lostAs the train approached the spot where the herd was crossing the track, the locomotive gave its loudest and shrillest shrieks. The noise[Pg 44] had the effect of frightening the buffaloes sufficiently to stop those which had not crossed, and in the gap thus formed the train moved on. The boys were greatly interested in the appearance of the beasts, and Frank declared he had never seen anything that looked more fierce than one of the old bulls, with his shaggy mane, his humped shoulders, and his sharp, glittering eyes. He was quite contented with the shelter of the railway-car, and said if the buffalo wanted him he must come inside to get him; or give him a good rifle, so that they could meet on equal terms.


      It took about a week to finish the workon the last day the fields which for so long had shown the wind's path in tawny ripples, were shaven close and green, scattering a sweet steam into the aira soft pungency that stole up to the house at night and lapped it round with fragrance. Old Reuben stretched himself contentedly as he went into his dim room and prepared to[Pg 436] lie down. The darkness had hardly settled on the fieldsa high white light was in the sky, among the stars.


      Johns eye, which had exactly as much expression in it as a dead codfishs, cowed him for a moment, but he quickly recovered.


      "Well! Margaret, can it be possible!Let me look at the babe, for I fear you must be deceiving yourself."